If you have a current website and would like it transferred to one of our recommended hosting companies, we offer this as a FREE service.

Simply sign-up for a hew hosting account via one of the banners below, you don't have to buy a new domain name, just by-pass this during the sign-up process.

Once you receive your conformation emails from either Hostgator or Arvixe, forward them to us so that we have all of the necessary information to access your new host. You will also need to forward to us your current hosts login username and password (this is so we can backup your current site for transfer). If your current site is based on Joomla, we don't need access to your current/old host, just the username and password to access Joomla's backend.  Don't worry, you can change passwords after the transfer if you so desire.

Be advised that some existing websites that are very big (usually this is 5GB or more) can only be transferred to the new host if you purchase a hosting plan that is dedicated.  

Please contact us to discuss this process in more detail as there are sometimes problems transferring across operating platforms. 

Brendan's Websites ALWAYS recommends hosting your site on a Linux platform, in fact we ONLY deal in websites that use PHP and Linux. It has proven over the years to be both secure and stable.  PHP runs a lot of the top websites in the world. The same can be said of the SQL databases they use as well, hosting is also so much easier to get (and cheaper because you don't have the licensing issues to deal with compared to Windows hosting (ASP)).

Please bare in mind, it is not necessary to move your domain name from your current host/registrar just because you move your website to a new host, In fact it's often easier to leave it there. However, for convenience many of our clients like to also move their domain name to the new host provider. Please contact us if this is the case and we will be happy to walk you through the process as there are things you need to do as the domain name owner, 

Terms & Conditions Apply.



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