Logos are an important part of brand recognition, they form an important part of your website and on your business paperwork. Logos represent you and your products and as such should be distinctive, we all know what companies these logos represent, dont we?

Logos don't have to be complicated, they do, however have to be memorable. If fact some of the best logos are the simplest, people all over the world recognize the large arched M of Mcdonald's and instantly associate it with fast food.

When choosing a logo to represent your brand or image one of the hardest parts of the design process is deciding on the basis of the logo, should it be text based, or an image, what about the color? Maybe it should be abstract or a logical representation of the company.

Brendan's Websites works closely with our clients and strives to find a design that is both memorable and represents the ethos of the brand.

Sometimes the hardest part of design is not the meeting with clients to throw ideas back and forth, but getting inspiration in the first place.  It's often good to see what others are designing and taking inspiration from that. Below are a few Logos with some interesting twists and turns. If you are looking for some inspiration, why not start here?

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