We recommend two specific hosting companies arvixe.com and hostgator.com

From our experience, we have had very positive dealings with both companies. There are a lot of similarities between them but also some specific difences, Arvixe, for example offers functionality needed if you want to run a video based site, hostgator is not so friendly in this aspect. On the other hand hostgator is a little more reliable as far as 'uptime' is concerned. Arvixe offers you a free domain all the time you host with them, which is pretty good, they are also a little cheaper than hostgator. But if stability is what you are after hostgator is probably going to be your best choice. Both companies offer a full range of hosting packages as well as domain name registration. Both are painless to deal with and offer almost instant solutions to problems that arise from time to time.   





Whilst our experiences have been positive with both companies we want you to be sure and make up your own mind, this link will take you to http://www.whoishostingthis.com who offer impartial reviews of both companies. Just remember that as you read through the reviews most of the negative views are from people who are only paying for the cheapest 'shared hosting' and expecting the world for their money. Both companies offer dedicated services that offer a more stable environment for your website, this does however, cost more. Click on the banners above to take you to either hosting service and have a look around their websites.

Once you have decided to build a website with us, you have two options:

1, Click on one of the banners above and purchase a domain name and hosting package to suit your needs, we will of course, advise on this before your purchase. Or,

2. Contract us to do that on your behalf.

Either way it's quite painless.


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